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    :) had a few people help me out on this - thanks goes to them!
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    Thanks to those who called/emailed/texted me over the past couple of days. I had been in Columbus, OH for the past two weeks training our employees down there - even ran into a few MSHers while in the store - and so my time was pretty limited. Obviously, there is a human element to these cases, similar to what we've seen during manufacturer mergers and acquisitions. Rest assured, I'm in good spirits and very optimistic that there will be a favorable outcome to this.
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    I'd like to extend my thanks to all of the fantastic people that I have met through this site over the years. You have made all of the time that I have invested in this site well worth the effort. Effective immediately, JR is the last man standing from the group of us that setup this forum all those years ago. I'm proud of what we have created and the impact that we have had on the hockey industry. To be able to remain at the top for so long is a testament to the people that make up this site and I am happy to be able to say that I was a part of it. As JR has always been the soul of this site, I can think of no better man to guide the site on the journey still ahead. I still intend to be around, though the amount of time that I have available has been extremely limited as of late, and shows little chance of improving any time soon. My biggest regret is that personal issues forced me to miss so many of the winterfest and summer jam events. I wish each and every one of you the best and I'll always be happy to help out in any way that I can. My phone number hasn't changed since the site launched and I can still be reached here or via my various email accounts. Thank you all, Chadd
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    We respect manufacturer's marketing release dates. The reason why we do this is because in turn, when the time is right, we are allowed to provide full spec on the product. We have been doing it this way for 13 years. In turn, those manufacturers work with us for our Long Term Reviews, our Summer and Winter events, and also participate in our discussions here on MSH. I'd rather have that than to be the first person out there with a leaked picture.
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    I feel the need to clear up some misconceptions about TH and their online vs in-store pricing, as well as their inventory: TH runs all promotions in store AND online. The codes that are used work for both. We also match other retailers, in-store and online. We also have the ability to either: Have an item transferred at no charge/no penalty to the customer from an in-market location (or out-of-market, depending on the situation.) Place an online order for the customer (we log in like our CSRs in St. Louis would and order the item for you) We even give you the option to get it shipped to the store so that you can come in and get your skates fitted and sharpened (you'd be surprised as to how many people, especially those new to the sport, just assume the skates are ready to go and they're skating on unsharpened steel.) If the skates don't work out, we will also return them for you right then and there. Or any order you place online - you can return it back in your local TH. We're currently the only major hockey retailer in the country to have the stores and "online" inventories being one in the same - an omni-channel experience. We have distribution centers in St. Louis, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit and Washington, DC. Most of them are part of a store. We have stores with shipping capabilities in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. And yes, have I shipped skates to a customer who came in our store and got fitted and bought them online? Absolutely. I've had several instances in which I helped a customer out and he had no interest in buying them in-store, because he thought he would find a deal elsewhere. Then realized the skates were the same price everywhere and ordered them through us. And the same skate he tried on was the same skate he received. So all of those things that people have mentioned happens to them in their local store still happens in our stores. Keep in mind, I'm not an idiot; for as much as we would hope, the experience we provided wasn't consistent in all of our stores. It's obviously something you try to achieve but there are several anecdotes in this thread from customers that say otherwise. I always did things by the book, and it was the best book I ever read in this business. There is one thing that has not been mentioned here: we never intended to be a discount hockey store. As long as everything worked correctly, you wouldn't be stuck with last year's merchandise that you then had to blow out. And typically our stores were purged of whatever was left from the previous year (similar to what Bauer is doing with their OTM stores.) But the sheer amount of product out on the marketplace forced everyone to go down that road. And at that point, there really is no coming back. So for those who lamented that we never had the best deals, that might be a true statement. But it was in a way that we had current product in store all the time. That's smart business. If you want to buy closeouts and then sell those, that's smart business too. But buying items at full boat then have to take hits on the margin isn't. There is a lot of assumptions and misinformation in this thread about how we failed. But what is truly killing me is how we are being painted to be some sort of industry villain when we have 32 physical locations to walk into. Yes, did the industry change? Yes, did it put the mom and pops out of business? Yes, is there plenty of blame on both sides to pass around for that? But some retailers saw how the game was being played and decided to play. Some retailers chose to strategically sprinkle stores where it was attached to an even bigger warehouse. Some chose to have multiple brick and mortar stores. And some chose to have just warehouses (which somehow, those guys have skated away from any negative mention in this thread) It's unfortunate what happened to us. Some are mentioned, some are twisted around and some haven't been mentioned. We certainly were on the right track, and it ended up not working out. I'm very optimistic about where this is going, and I will continue to do what I do best, regardless of which company's name is on the shirt, building facing and paycheck.
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    No problem Zamboni...these mix-ups happen and it's not your fault. I think it's very nice that you've turned this into a nice act to a needy family. Very cool. This thread has really opened our eyes to issues in the market and how we deal with them. The comments on "how should we know a dealer is authorized, or not?" and "how do you expect us to know when your authorized dealer locator on your website is not accurate" have led to some major discussions in our office involving multiple groups responsible for these very key issues. Thanks again to this valuable group for a better connection to our customers. Let's keep talking.
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    Been through a lot the last 2 and half years. In 2014 Diagnosed with recurrent PSC (Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis) Tubes in my liver for three months in the spring. In July I had a massive infection in my kidneys. Where the doctors at one point told my wife I had 24 hours to start to improve or I wouldn't make it. Then my second liver transplant on November 7, 2014. In 2015 Had a hernia surgery in May Had another hernia surgery in October. In 2016 Finally got the OK to start working out in February. Starting public skating in May. Last night I got back on the ice for the first time since Summer Jam in Toronto in 2013. I wasn't very good last night, but boy did have a lot of fun.
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    As we are in our 15th year of existence (3/20 being the official date), we will be using this logo to commemorate it: It will also be featured on SummerJam and Winterfest jerseys on a patch, and we'll also have a t-shirt. Absolutely crazy that we've been around so long. Thanks goes to everyone who has helped us out along the way.
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    Thanks JR. Mod Squad Hockey Members, In 2017, we've partnered with MSH to give exclusive inside looks at our upcoming product. The MSH community has been a great resource for Warrior in the past and we'd like to extend that great relationship to content that the membership will not see anywhere else. In addition, we will be providing samples of the gloves leading up to launch so key members can share their thoughts and insights on the new product and help explain features, benefits and maybe some huge misses (fingers crossed there are none ). We're hoping this open discussion will help MSH members learn more about our product from trusted peers and not just some marketing message touting the latest and greatest (like anything from @warriorstickguy). We respect the group too much to think that you would blindly believe everything we say is an "amazingly amazing, never-before-seen innovative innovation". We'll let the group decide for themselves and welcome questions and discussion on our product. Selfishly, this open discussion also helps us improve our product and find new ways to advance hockey equipment with informed and constructive dialogue with the real people who use it. This new process rolls-out with the Alpha QX glove line that releases to the public in April. I'm excited to field your questions and hopefully guide you to trying the gloves on for yourselves. Thanks for the opportunity. KP Take a look at our first blog reveal on the Alpha QX gloves - it may answer some of your initial questions: https://warriorhockey.com/2017/02/09/2017-alpha-qx-glove-goals/
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    I have reached out to Zamboni to resolve this issue direct. It will be taken care of quickly. Warrior has prided itself on a very easy Warranty process. We know how important the stick warranty is to our consumers and to provide them with the most confidence in purchasing our product. In past years, our warranty has saved our relationships with consumers and is seen as a valuable tool. We've gone through a lot in the past and we're now at our lowest warranty return rates ever and our quality and performance levels are at their highest. Recently, we've had an increase in some fraudulent warranty claims. Absolutely not implying that Zamboni's claim was, but in some of those other cases we have used our authorized dealers to vouch for warranty claims or to further verify with store receipts and work with consumers to get the very best, fastest service for their warranty. It is for this reason that our CSR referred back to our dealer and held to our "Authorized Dealer" policy. Every issue unique and we totally understand that. Glad Zamboni brought this to MSH attention and glad to help resolve it quickly. Keith
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    12 years ago we flipped the switch on and it hasn't turned off since. 12 years is an amazing run considering how much the Internet has changed in those years. Thanks goes out to all of the members who have contributed to this community.
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    I got to play goal for the Boston Bruins alumni today! Had the usual pickup this morning, and afterward I was in the locker room, and the rink manager comes and he's like hey, you're the goalie? Yeah, I'm a goalie. And he says, the Bruins alumni team needs a goalie today, do you wanna play for them? Well yes of course. I ended up splitting the game with the guy who runs the clinic I skate at, and it was so, so much fun. People in the stands, an announcer. It was a charity game for the Dana-Farber institute and the doctors are pretty darn good, although it was clear the Bruins alumni could pretty much turn the game whichever way they were inclined. I made some decent stops and the alumni were all very nice, and I came home with the game puck. Seriously, accidentally the best Saturday ever.
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    After 12 years in the industry working for other shops and operating my own mobile team service, I've finally made the move and opened a full pro shop in a busy dual pad rec facility. I'm excited to embark on this and continue developing my own brand. Time to get 'er done!
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    I interviewed our pro sticks manager, Jared, about the Gaudreau switch and how he made it down to 55 flex. Also, he touches on some of the "more flex benefits" discussion in this thread. Hope this helps shed some light.
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    It was a tough day yesterday as we ceased to be Total Hockey Inc. employees as of closing time yesterday. As expected, we took the opportunity to streamline the store offerings by closing the stores that were underperforming, or in some cases, had other TSG representation in their market. In my market, we closed up Ann Arbor, which I will be heading the physical closing of the store starting Monday. We were fortunate enough to do some shuffling to accommodate the majority of their staff, but I did have to reduce my staff as well. Today I have to rehire my staff as TSG employees. At this time, I think I can go ahead and announce some things that I have seen being mentioned: Gift cards will now be resold again. Obviously if you have an existing gift card, the balance is still good. At this time you can't use it in another TSG store, but I believe at some point it'll all be seamless. Breakaway accounts are still good as well. It has been a rough few months; obviously while I try my best to keep my two ventures in the industry completely separated, there's always going to be some slight spillover. All of the rumors that were swirling about TH, I was hearing constantly. Some of it true, some of it completely absurd. But I had to keep it held together in front of my staff, and on here. But it certainly wasn't easy. I think some people noticed it at SummerJam. I'm really excited about this though. I think this allows me to continue offering a great product to our customers, as well as career opportunities for myself.
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    Added another pair of Whale gloves to the collection [/URL]
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    Jerseys are done and delivered -
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    Picked up this stick in the summer time but hadn't gotten around to posting it. Kind of a funny/crazy story behind it as well. I came across this girl selling a bunch of used sticks online. She didn't advertise them as professional game used or anything, but in one post she had one listed as a "Used Bauer one95 stick - $40" and she posted a picture that showed a namebar on it (pro stock). The way it was taken only showed the last 4 letters on the name bar "pien". I live in Vancouver and as a huge Canucks fan I knew right away that it was probably a Rick Rypien stick. I'm sure most of you know the story behind Rick Rypien. Beloved scrappy player/fighter who played for Vancouver and who unfortunately battled depression and ended his life just after the 2011 season. So I messaged her right away, luckily I saw it just after she posted it and I was the first one to message her. So I looked up pictures of Rick Rypien in game just to confirm he used a one95, which of course he did late in his career. I wasn't sure if it would be game used or anything but I just thought it would be cool to have either way. So right when I met up with her and saw the stick I could tell right away by the custom tape job that it was game used. So I check it over, looks great, I give her the $40 and go on my way. I get back to my car and I'm still pretty mesmerized by it so I'm looking it over and thats when I noticed that on the blade... it was signed. Couldn't believe my eyes. Definitely the best $40 I've ever spent and now definitely the rarest piece of memorabilia I own.
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    Yesterday my younger son graduated high school. He was class president and as a result led the graduation ceremony. He led everyone in, introduced everyone and gave a speech representing the class. We had VIP seats in the first row. It was maybe the best day of my life. He was incredible - and I am not just saying that because he is my son. He was poised, in command of the situation and funny. I don't know how someone who is only 18 can do that. I am beyond proud and humbled.
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    It's not all money. If the product didn't perform, players would not switch. Our product is better than ever. There are other companies sampling players too, we're just winning them over.
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    Just got clearance to skate and play again so went out and bought myself a pair of Bauer Supreme 190 skates. So EXCITED!
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    Picked up a pair of pants I had been looking for forever: