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    As some of you know, my wife is battling breast cancer. She decided that she wanted to play hockey a couple of months ago and has been playing since last month. She wanted a pink stick, and so the fine gentlemen at Warrior did these up for her. Thanks to Keith and Doug!
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    :) had a few people help me out on this - thanks goes to them!
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    These definitely belong in here...
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    Update - today was her last chemo treatment.
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    I bought my first house. It had gotten to the point that it was time to quit waiting for be moved job-wise and to set down roots somewhere. That being said, what a shitty process it is.
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    Been through a lot the last 2 and half years. In 2014 Diagnosed with recurrent PSC (Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis) Tubes in my liver for three months in the spring. In July I had a massive infection in my kidneys. Where the doctors at one point told my wife I had 24 hours to start to improve or I wouldn't make it. Then my second liver transplant on November 7, 2014. In 2015 Had a hernia surgery in May Had another hernia surgery in October. In 2016 Finally got the OK to start working out in February. Starting public skating in May. Last night I got back on the ice for the first time since Summer Jam in Toronto in 2013. I wasn't very good last night, but boy did have a lot of fun.
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    To be fair - gear has stagnated completely and either innovation is at an all time low, or we’ve reached a point of diminishing returns on currently available materials. I have a hard time getting excited about CCM moving their logo from the bottom of the Ribcore shaft to the top, or Bauer adding different pops of chrome every year and calling it a new stick. Protective hasn’t really gone anywhere in about 8 years since the CL line released and skates, aside from steel/holder enhancements haven’t really gone anywhere aside from perhaps better baking results. We’ve also seen a decline in unique products. We’ve been P92/P28/P88’ed to death and quirky stuff like custom Franchise gloves have completely disappeared. Did I also mention that all of this stuff has been increasing in price at an absurd rate? It’s hard to generate buzz when there is nothing to buzz about. /rant.
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    No longer collecting dust in the back of one of my rink pro shops...
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    I got to play goal for the Boston Bruins alumni today! Had the usual pickup this morning, and afterward I was in the locker room, and the rink manager comes and he's like hey, you're the goalie? Yeah, I'm a goalie. And he says, the Bruins alumni team needs a goalie today, do you wanna play for them? Well yes of course. I ended up splitting the game with the guy who runs the clinic I skate at, and it was so, so much fun. People in the stands, an announcer. It was a charity game for the Dana-Farber institute and the doctors are pretty darn good, although it was clear the Bruins alumni could pretty much turn the game whichever way they were inclined. I made some decent stops and the alumni were all very nice, and I came home with the game puck. Seriously, accidentally the best Saturday ever.
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    After 12 years in the industry working for other shops and operating my own mobile team service, I've finally made the move and opened a full pro shop in a busy dual pad rec facility. I'm excited to embark on this and continue developing my own brand. Time to get 'er done!
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    I have to be honest, I find the topic you chose for this thread to be offensive - or at least overly provocative. There is a man behind the site that works incredibly hard for this community and that should always, in ,my opinion, be remembered. You could have just as easily asked the question, "why isn't more information about products being posted on MSH" This would have been valid and far nicer. As many have said the market has changed considerably. The way manufacturers deal with online information outlets has changed as well. I also think the way people consume news and information has changed and many prefer to listen to a video rather than write and discuss. I could get into what that says about us as people (not a good thing) but I will pass on it. Low hanging fruit as it were.... The good thing is we can do things to help.... post good topics. Share your experiences and reviews. Tell your friends about the site and, when the pandemic is over, come to events. In the end this site is what WE make of it.
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    Interesting reading through where this thread has gone. From Steve Jobs to Tesla and beyond! A few details on the MyBauer program. The project officially kicked off 3.5 years ago. At that time, we identified the service level’s of professional players was changing significantly where our Elite Athlete Reps were casting players feet and sending the casts into Blainville to make skates. We couldn’t do anything from a manufacturing perspective with the casts other than visually see areas of required adjustments we could implement in our manufacturing process at that time. I am sure some of you have seen the castings we were doing at that time. We knew at that time, we needed to evolve our process and tools to meet the growing need of players. We also started to see Elite players (AAA, High School, etc.) interest in customization significantly increase and casting just was not feasible on many fronts. So, we kicked off a project and looked at multiple scanning devices. Ultimately, we chose to collaborate with Swedish based company Volumental on the front-end scanning solutions based on the level accuracy of the scan, how fast it scans, how simple it is to operate and similar company philosophies. The scanner includes 12 depth cameras and an internal processing system developed to model feet with the greatest level of accuracy. The scanner measures in fractions of mm so it’s not uncommon to go to 1 retailer and get another reading at another – we have and will continue to work with all retailers to standardize the fitting positioning during the scanning process. If you think about it, the thickness of a sock during a scan can change a reading or even the time of day/level of activity in the day can affect your reading. I know JR can attest to this. Any who, once we got to a comfort level with Volumental, the rest of the process begun. Options to create a customized last to use in the building an individual custom skate was next to be tested. We ended up going with 3D printing solution for similar reasons as the scanner – accuracy in building the individual tools/lasts and flexibility on solutions in various areas of the foot and detailing. Not 100% clear what others are doing but we are confident in the tech/process we invested in to achieve the desired goals. We purchased multiple industrial grade, high-end 3D printers that again, speed and accuracy was a premium and off we went to building and testing with pro players a new way of building custom skates. Was it perfect at first? No but we learned all the way through and about ¼ way through this past NHL season it started to really take off in terms of fit, comfort and performance. So much so that 3D scanning/custom lasts has become the norm. Call this validation. Next step – was focusing on front-end solution where players can choose performance specs and visualization of building of the skate on the fly. When you see MyBauer at retail, you can build the skate in store by choosing specs like tongue, blade, liner, eyelet facing, laces and personalize with your name and number. We call these the performance specs as the scan takes care of the fitting details. Here is the general process you will go through. Step 1: Scan the foot (5-seconds for both feet) Step 2: Add notes to the foot scan – We can see most of the details in the scan but it’s always very helpful to know what the issue is. We have people on the team that have built custom skates for players for over 25 years – they know what they are doing and highlighting these “trouble” areas helps. Step 3: Try on skates. The scanner now has a custom skate recommendation (L foot and R foot independent). Try on some stock skates and dial in your personal preferences. Some players are going to want to adjust down or up based on preferences. With the skate lab out for a year and over 200K unique scans in the system, personal preference still plays a role. You can adjust length in the order submission but width is not an option as the custom last process shapes the skate to your individual foot (L and R). At any time during this process you want to make additional notes to your foot scan, you can. Step 4: Choose your specs. - It starts with choosing a family (Vapor, Supreme or Nexus). Our families are generally based on a low profile (Vapor), Mid profile (Supreme) or High profile (Nexus) and adjustments can be made based on a combination of notes and scan details. Generally speaking, you should stay in the family you scan for but again, that’s a personal preference. o The Nexus model is a 2N PRO skate which is not available as a stock option moving forward. - Confirm the length of the skates based on personal preference and trying on skates. - Choose your eyelets – Injected Facing or Standard eyelets. o We consider INJ facing as high performance and is limited in terms of pattern adjustments. o Standard eyelets is traditional feel and performance but allows for greater range of adjustments. For example, if you suffer from lace bite – in most cases we see it is based on the profile of the upper foot and depth of skate being worn. If you add a lace bite as a note on the scan, we can adjust the pattern with a standard eyelet or go to a deeper fitting skate with injected facing. This is just 1 example of many. § Supreme Injected Eyelets only comes with Supreme C-Flex tendon guard § Supreme with standard eyelets only comes with Pro Stiff tendon guard § Nexus 2N pro comes with Injected eyelets only - Choose your tongue – 5 options to choose from o Vapor flex lock (thermoforming, protective, light) o Supreme reflex (thermoforming, protective, energy return) o Classic pro felt (traditional feel and comfort o Molded felt (light and thin), o Double classic felt (Thick and comfortable. § We kept the selection simple to start and selection makes up majority of preferences of players surveyed. - Choose your blade – LS5, LS3, LS2 – Selection of personal preference - Choose your liner: Lock fit or full grip - Choose laces: Standard cloth or waxed - Personalize your skates: 13 characters and 2 numbers max. Step 5: We produce the skate for you and ship the skates. We still recommend thermoforming the skates - just puts the final touches on it. Apologies on the lengthy post but hopefully this helps. Conversation & questions can continue! Cheers
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    Hello everyone, as it’s been mentioned above, Sher-Wood Athletics Group has sold the Sher-Wood trademark and some of the assets to INA International, a division of Canadian Tire (CTC). I'll let the dust settle a little bit more before I elaborate on the go forward strategy of the Sher-Wood brand within the CTC portfolio. Personally, I've been retained by CTC as Manager of Sher-Wood for INA. Unfortunately, some very good people from our head office were let go, but the North Americain sales force was retained. Sher-Wood will be run as in independent brand and will continue to develop, market, and distribute Sher-Wood products to customers in Canada, the United States and internationally. The mandate is actually to grow the brand across all distribution channels as opposed to solely becoming a house brand for just the CTC banners.
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    Added another pair of Whale gloves to the collection [/URL]
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    Picked up this stick in the summer time but hadn't gotten around to posting it. Kind of a funny/crazy story behind it as well. I came across this girl selling a bunch of used sticks online. She didn't advertise them as professional game used or anything, but in one post she had one listed as a "Used Bauer one95 stick - $40" and she posted a picture that showed a namebar on it (pro stock). The way it was taken only showed the last 4 letters on the name bar "pien". I live in Vancouver and as a huge Canucks fan I knew right away that it was probably a Rick Rypien stick. I'm sure most of you know the story behind Rick Rypien. Beloved scrappy player/fighter who played for Vancouver and who unfortunately battled depression and ended his life just after the 2011 season. So I messaged her right away, luckily I saw it just after she posted it and I was the first one to message her. So I looked up pictures of Rick Rypien in game just to confirm he used a one95, which of course he did late in his career. I wasn't sure if it would be game used or anything but I just thought it would be cool to have either way. So right when I met up with her and saw the stick I could tell right away by the custom tape job that it was game used. So I check it over, looks great, I give her the $40 and go on my way. I get back to my car and I'm still pretty mesmerized by it so I'm looking it over and thats when I noticed that on the blade... it was signed. Couldn't believe my eyes. Definitely the best $40 I've ever spent and now definitely the rarest piece of memorabilia I own.
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    It took the better part of a decade of dreading going to work every day, but we finally made the leap of faith into a new career for myself, and it is delightful.
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    Here are my Trues with the LS Edge holder and Step Black on them... I really hope I don't have any issues with clicking because skates don't get much sexier looking than this IMO.
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    I always try to drink at least one beer in the locker room while getting dressed. Sometimes 2, if the game before is going long.
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    Yesterday my younger son graduated high school. He was class president and as a result led the graduation ceremony. He led everyone in, introduced everyone and gave a speech representing the class. We had VIP seats in the first row. It was maybe the best day of my life. He was incredible - and I am not just saying that because he is my son. He was poised, in command of the situation and funny. I don't know how someone who is only 18 can do that. I am beyond proud and humbled.
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    First of all, Congrats to JR on hitting the million post milestone. It's a testament to his perseverance and dedication to this community. For anyone that remembers me, sorry for dropping off the face of the planet a few years back and thank you to those that have reached out at various times over the years. After Michelle's suicide, I withdrew from almost everything I previously enjoyed in life. A big part of my disappearance was the realization that I neglected the people I cared about because I was so obsessed with the success of the site and other personal pursuits along with a healing process that required me to step away from here. I miss the friendship, the chats and the getting a chance to see so many of you around the country and world. Skipping all the boring bits... I recently relocated to Key West and finally living a healthy(ish) life again. I wish each of you all the health, wealth and happiness that you seek.
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    As many of you know I had some significant heart issues this year. Three procedures leading to 5 stents. It took a bit but I’ve been really doing well now and am back on the ice and feeling great. Now today got more good news. Sonogram showed the blockages of my carotid artery dropped from 20% to 10%. Can apply that same 50% drop to the arteries feeding my heart. So happy the dietary changes and meds have worked. I feel like I’ve got my life back!!
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    M Reebok HP CCM 30/35/70 made overseas 520/7000 Made in Canada HP35 =520 HP45=RBZ HPUCLP=U+Crazy Light X models have waist zippers to add +1 C models use Ufoam P models use PE inserts
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    I'm pretty excited. i just got my custom True sticks in and i couldn't be happier. P10 / Kane Pro curve, 80 flex, matte finish
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    Just got clearance to skate and play again so went out and bought myself a pair of Bauer Supreme 190 skates. So EXCITED!
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    Picked up a pair of pants I had been looking for forever:
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    I should have the Pro Shop back up and running in a month or so.
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    $20 Play it Again score.
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    Since you seem insistent on leaking our POP catalog for 2020, you should probably take note that on the bottom of every, single page it says **ARTWORK NOT FINAL. These are placeholder, mockup images my friend. The stick you saw from the AHL player is a graphic sample. Those have been circulating amongst the pro ranks for a few weeks.
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    Went on our longest hike yet. 10+ miles up a mountain (2300’ increase up to about 8900’). The top 1/3 or so was in snow and we had to wear spikes on our boots. Walking almost nonstop for 6.5 hours! Amazing views!
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    Final chapter. I emailed the board. Made it strictly about my sons lack of expeirence and not having fun. I did speak the other coach prior, but made it only about my son. Apparently the other team needed players and he likes my son having coached him last year. Got an email today that even though this is not typical protocol they granted our request, considering other circumstance, and this may not happen in the future. My son is happy his new coach reached out immediately to welcome us and talked to him. We didnt have to go through a team manager. He starts practice tomorrow. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT.
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    So there's a broad spectrum of neurological issues that can affect a player, including what is typically called mental illness, but it depends on what you're asking about. Certain learning disabilities such as dyslexia can make learning things like "right" and "left" difficult, as well as pattern recognition. Autism spectrum disorders and sensory processing disorders can have an effect on how a player interprets external stimuli (instructions, whistles, lights, etc) as stressful or confusing. Many learning disabilities (language based and nonverbal) affect gross and fine motor control. For example I know some people who, because of their particular wiring, have a very hard time with things like swimming because it's difficult for them to coordinate a pattern of movement (treading water, stroke-breathe-stroke, etc) as well as being a sensory-disorienting environment. What are typically called mental or psychiatric illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, are generally considered to have a genetic component that causes a miswiring in the brain, much the same as the above disorders. Sometimes, these are co-morbid, meaning a person with ADHD can have anxiety, or someone with dyslexia can have depression or bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, substance use or misuse is also often co-morbid with mental illness, in part due to lack of access to appropriate support, treatment, and education. First good tactic is get to know your players. Especially young players - let them engage you in conversation, connect with them. Having a good, stable connection to a supportive person does wonders for folks with neurological differences (as it does for most people, but especially important). An added bonus here is that young people with disabilities/mental illness are at significantly higher risk for abuse, and connecting with a trustworthy adult makes them that much less vulnerable. Have clear, consistent expectations. Doesn't mean you have to have the ice-hockey Code of Hammurabi in stone at your rink, but come up with some basic expectations for both you and your players. If you have a formal team format (vs. the free for all of a learn to play), feel free to write them down and distribute them. Things like treating each other with respect (don't call names, no hurting people on purpose, etc), following the rules of the game, being good listeners, are things that apply to player and coach. If you don't follow your own rules, no one will feel like following them either. Consistent, but flexible. Mean what you say - if you say "I will give you two warnings [for behavior] and on the third, you sit on the bench/on the side for [x] minutes", then follow through. Relatedly, change is hard for folks with learning disabilities and mental illness, who may already feel extra stress from trying to navigate neurotypical norms and internal chaos. Come up with a plan - today we will have 5 stations, and we will rotate every 10 minutes (do the math as you like), explain the plan, confirm the plan. When players arrive at a station, be ready, explain, and give appropriate warning when you're going to switch - "in 2 minutes, Coach Bob will blow the whistle, and everyone will go to Coach Jen's station". Having clear plans and expectations is far less anxiety provoking than surprises (tho again, being flexible and asking for input from players is good). In my magical imaginary world, there's about a 3:8-12 coach to player ratio (depending on age and player need - younger players need a higher coach-to-player ratio), so you can have someone who explains verbally, someone who demonstrates, and someone who can physically go through and help players with the exercise. Back to learning your players - in a team format where you can wrangle them in a locker room, go over a practice. What was the best thing? What was the worst thing? Open the lines of communication - maybe they really liked something that you didn't expect, or maybe someone has an idea. Watch them, and pick up on things like who the leaders are, and who the more shy kids are, who the disruptive ones are. Kids with ADHD can be easily overstimulated but when they like something, they can hyperfocus on it for hours. Give your disruptive kid something to do - say, ok, Teddy, you're going to help me demonstrate. Or, Kate, Liam, Sean, your job today is to pick up all the cones at the end of practice, and bring them to the bench. Talk with parents, too. Just like you would for a child with diabetes or asthma or a severe allergy - connect with the parents and say, hey, what works for your kid? What can I do that will make things consistent? Is anything going on, anything changing like medication or a new therapist or a new school? I think the meat of it honestly is communication and connection. Understand that some people will get more easily overwhelmed, and be ready to adapt to that. Use your players' strengths and give them agency and keep them from feeling isolated.
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    New skates! I think they are hideous but if they are comfortable they will be worth it.
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    Glad to hear you were able to overcome the lack of R&D and all that speed skating tech to make them work...
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    New locker stall, a DIY project I worked on with my dad and uncle
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    Decided to take a picture of the current Wings and Zetterberg glove family. Top: Centennial Classic socks (game worn) and pants, Stadium Series shell and socks (game worn) 2nd: Regular shell, regular gamer shell, '15 WC gamer shell 3rd: Home and away socks, practice jerseys, '09 WC gamer socks, '15 WC gamer socks 4th L to R: custom Franchise, 2x Zetterberg MIC Franchise, Hudler (nearly identical to Z's specs) Franchise, Z's TSR WC Franchise, Weiss WC CCM pro 5th R to L: 2x Z's CC Franchise (game prepped), Z's TSR Sweden Franchise, Z's 2015 All Star Franchise, Z's 2014 All Star AX1, gamer 4500 (Stuart maybe?)
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    It has been a long time since I've posted on MSH. But, have had a fair amount of change over the last year. I work in Sales and was traveling pretty heavily which was taking it's toll on the family (Wife & 3 kiddos). We weren't in the worst financial situation but it was apparent some change needed to happen. Luckily, an opportunity came up about June/July last year that turned into reality. Started a new job (same profession & industry....just diff. company) in Nov. last year and moved the family in March. It allowed us to clean up debt, purchase a much more appropriate sized home, and start getting in front of our finances properly. It has been a very exciting, fun, stressful, frustrating, and ultimately great experience. Kudos to my wife and kids who helped make everything 100x easier by being the awesome people they are. And I found a rink nearby so I've been able to start playing again after about a 12mo hiatus. So that's nice too!
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    Brand new, still in the wrapper, vintage Jofa 234 51 helmet. Brings me back to my youth!
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    Just got an email saying I am the daily winner for the CCM giveaway on IW! Today's prize is a stick. Man this is awesome!
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    zuccarello apx2's
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    I didn't know you were able to get yourself so close to an NHL bench....
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    Returning to the game after having hip replacement surgery 6-months ago.
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    This year in our fund raising for the JDRF I decided to do a benefit hockey game. I can say that the fist Hockey Fights T1D game was a big success. My little guy who is 4 has Type 1 Diabetes and got to score the first goal of the game. He was thrilled.
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    Interesting talk with the man behind the custom pro CCM gear
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    Could you stop already? Jesus Christ.

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